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Own or operate a well with sour gas?

Looking for a new revenue stream?

Want to reduce operating costs?

Learn how the TriBlue Sweetening Unit can help...

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TriBlue Processing Unit

Removal of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from natural gas is a ubiquitous problem in hydrocarbon processing. TriBlue’s units are capable of removing these acid gases in an efficient manner with no moving parts.The economics of these processing units increase with acid gas concentration, permitting low quality gas to be brought to market profitably.

TriBlue Gas Sweetening Unit Advantages

  • Resistant to BTEX
  • Works with High Concentration of Hydrogen Sulfide (Sour Gas)
  • Recovers Methane in Tail Gas
  • Easily Serviceable
  • Easily and Quickly Incorporated into Existing Process Streams
  • Safe and Environmentally Friendly

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